Visiting San Diego

Visiting San Diego

Q: How do I get to MCRD San Diego?
A: Please refer to “Maps & Directions” web page for more information.


Vehicle driver must show a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of automobile insurance to the military policeman/policewoman (MP) at the gate before entering the depot. All occupants of the vehicle must be wearing seat belts. The MP will direct you to the appropriate depot facilities. The speed limit on base is 20 Miles Per Hour.



    Take Interstate-5 South to the Washington Street exit.

    At the stop light, turn right onto West Washington Street.
Go straight through the next two stop lights.

    This will take you directly to Gate 5.



    Take Interstate-5 North to the Washington Street exit.

    At the stop light, turn left onto West Washington Street.
Go straight through the next two stop lights.

    This will take you directly to Gate 5.

Take Interstate-8 West to Interstate-5 South.
Take the Washington Street exit, the second exit after the Interstate-8 interchange.
At the stop light, turn right onto West Washington Street.
Go straight through the next two stop lights.
This will take you directly to Gate 5.

Take Rosecrans Street to Lytton Street.
Turn right onto Lytton.
At the curve in the road, the street becomes Barnett Avenue.
Continue straight on Barnett for approximately one mile where the road will merge with the Pacific Highway.
Take the Washington Street exit on the right.
Turn right onto West Washington St. This will take you directly to Gate 5.

Q: Entry Access to MCRD
A: Please be prepared to have the following ready for entry: Current driver’s license, current vehicle registration, and proof of current automobile insurance.
· All persons entering the MCRD are subject to search and seizure of illegal substances.
· Weapons of any type, alcohol, glass bottles and illegal drugs or paraphernalia are strictly prohibited on base.
· All bags, packs, camera bags and personal property will be searched. Guests are encouraged to limit baggage brought into the MCRD. This will facilitate expeditious entry.
· Entry into the MCRD constitutes consent to search of personnel and the property under their control, pursuant to internal security act of 1950, section 21, 50 u.s.c. 797 (1979).
· The MCRD is an active military base. Due to national security concerns, any jokes or references will be treated seriously and will result in eviction from the base and possible arrest.

Q: Do visitors need a pass or letter to get on base?
A: MCRD San Diego is not open to the public. Individuals operating vehicles aboard the depot must possess a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of automobile insurance.

Q: While visiting MCRD San Diego, is there a place aboard to stay (Billeting)?
For information on billeting/lodging, please contact MCRD San Diego’s Billeting and Housing office at (619) 524-4401, or visit the billeting Web site at

Q: Who can stay in transient quarters?
Active duty military, DoD and civilian personnel on TAD orders, retired military, and families of graduating recruits from Wednesday – Saturday of graduation weeks only.

Q: Are you a temporary lodging facility?
No, we are barracks, our primary mission is to provide the best quality of life possible for single Marines by maintaining comfortably furnished bachelor enlisted quarters that are well maintained. Additionally, transient lodging services are provided similar to a quality hotel or motel.

Q: What kind of rooms do you have?
A: Our enlisted rooms are multiple occupancy with two twin beds in each room and two rooms sharing a single bath. We have 7 enlisted suites (living room/bed room combination), 10 officer suites and two single occupancy officer rooms with a private bath.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located aboard the depot in Building 625, adjacent to Gate 4 and behind the Base Exchange. Our front desk is open 24/7 and can be contacted at 619-524-4401, DSN: 524-4401.

Q: How much are the rooms?
A: Single occupancy enlisted rooms with a shared bath are $20.00 per night. Single occupancy enlisted rooms with a private bath are $22.00 per night. An enlisted suite is $30.00 per night. An enlisted VIP suite is $35.00 per night. A single occupancy officer room is $25.00 per night and officer suites are $30.00 per night. An officer VIP suite is $45.00 per night. There is a $5.00 extra person charge for each additional person over the age of 12.


Q: What are the nearest major airports to MCRD San Diego?
A: The nearest major airport to MCRD San Diego is the San Diego International Airport. Transportation from this airport is not provided.

Q: Can I take photos and/or video while I’m visiting MCRD San Diego?
A: Yes, photos and video can be taken on MCRD San Diego, except in recruit training areas – the site of close combat training, the Confidence Course, the site of Basic Warrior Training and inside the recruit training barracks.

Q: Where can civilian visitors shop on MCRD San Diego?
A: There are several places on MCRD San Diego to purchase souvenirs and other Marine Corps memorabilia.
The Marine Corps Exchange (department store) has a large selection of items for civilians to shop in. Without a Department of Defense ID card, however, civilians are limited to that section.
The Exchange is located across the street from the Command Museum.
The 7-Day Store is a gas station and convenience store. There civilians can shop but cannot purchase tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.
The Museum Gift Shop is located inside the Command Museum.

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